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Photography | AKIO! Kids Theatre Production

Doart Creative team were incredibly honoured to be a part of such an exciting adventure. The Cast and crew of Akio! were incredibly talented and a joy to work with. From conception to Production we worked closely with Blue theatre Company to help bring their brand message to the forefront.

Doart Design studio offered our talents and resources to help support the Arts – New Theatre, this included; Marketing Campaigns, Branding, Photography, Website, Signage, Promotional Material In-Print and Online.

Akio! is a physical theatre piece, which combines acting, dance, choreography, movement, sound and audio-visual design to tell a universal, coming-of-age tale.   Inspired by Japanese theatre-maker, Tadashi Suzuki and his philosophies of theatre performance and culture, Akio! is a marriage of cultures into one uplifting story of love, bravery, courage and discipline.   Theatrically, it explores the beauty of the human body, as it weaves Japanese mythology and gaming culture into an adventure to be enjoyed by all ages.

A celebration of childhood, Akio! is love and learning to understand and accept your enemy in the face of violence.

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